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NEW | First Responder’s Healing Manual

We are proud to announce the first manual of its kind, The First Responder’s Healing Manual Every day, first responders immerse themselves in the chaos and confusion of other people’s very bad days. Eventually, it takes a toll. How do you handle it? Suck it up and drive on, baby – right? But which is best: to…

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The Isiah Factor | Fox News

FOX 26 News | MyFoxHouston The PTSD Foundation’s Camp Hope was featured on Fox News on the Isiah Factor in support of the Clay Hunt Act legislation that was recently passed.  

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2/23/2015 Warrior’s Shield Radio Podcast

This week on the Warrior’s Shield Radio Show, we’ll be discussing some questions that have recently come up during the day and some events that will be coming up in the military community.