14 Year Old Zane Magee



Thursday,June 19, 2014, Zane Magee, who will be a freshman in high school this fall, came to Camp Hope to present a check in the amount of $8,000!


Zane loves tactical shooting and organized a 3 gun tactical event earlier this month in support of our veterans and their families! Way to go Zane! On behalf of the veterans that we serve and their families. In one letter, Zane, shows what one person can do to make a difference no matter how young or old they are.


“I started my ministry because I have a love for the military because they are willing to die for their country and people they don’t know.  I thought we should give back to them.  I am just doing my part and what I would hope someone would do for me.  I adopt soldiers and send them Bibles, letters, e-mails, and gift packages.  And I am writing a book to tell soldiers and veterans about the hope found in Jesus.  I hope this helps them with PTSD.

After I learned what PTSD is, my mom saw a news clip about Camp Hope and how they help veterans with PTSD.  I chose to raise money for Camp Hope because it seems like what you do there is great for veterans.  The ones that I met there seem better off mentally than some that I have met on the street.  I couldn’t think of a way to raise money but then one day I thought about having a tactical shooting tournament because I shoot in a tactical league every week.  It is really fun and different from what everyone else does to raise money.  My mom organized it all for me.  Two weeks before the event we only had 5 shooters and I thought we would fail.  But people pulled through and it all turned out great.  I give God all the glory for making it all come together.

We found other veterans that were willing to write a story for my book by networking for the tournament.  The book should be finished and printed in a few weeks.  I will give it away free to veterans and soldiers.  I hope the book inspires them to come to know Jesus, and help them heal from PTSD.”


Zane Magee


The day after 14 year old Zane Magee brought out a $8,000 check for the PTSD Foundation of America. Our friend Michael Berry mentioned it on his radio show. On June 23, 2014 encouraged by this story he heard on the Michael Berry Show, Mike Bowman from Hunt and Hunt brought out a check for $8,500 to match what Zane did and to encourage this fine young man. And one god deed begets another! Way to go Zane, see what you have started? And thank you Hunt and Hunt! All in support of our veteran community!


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