Greetings My Fellow American!

This letter comes after several years of being on the edge of life physically, mentally and emotionally.

My THANKS goes out to you after several years of battling the unknown.  The help that I receive from you at a point of time, helped to get me where I am today. I am happy, peaceful and in my right mind. Had it not been for the help from you and others like you; I probably would not be alive to write this letter of appreciation to you. Peace and tranquility had finally reached me, with your help.

Thankfully, GOD, has placed a strong Christian lady in my life, so we will be able to serve and help others together as you did–together, as you helped me in the past. Janice and I are planning our wedding in my church on Sat. evening the 26 of May. I would like to send you a personal invitation, if that date is open for you. Please let me know by mail or by–E-mail asap if you are interest in attending–so we can send you and invitation the first part of May.

Also, the V.A. Hospital, here in Houston, has helped me greatly, especially over the past three plus years. The staff, employees and each of you made a BIG difference in my life. I realize that I am, only one of many that you have helped and I want you to know that your time and efforts are never forgotten. Your service to Veterans are greatly appreciated and serves as a positive force in our society. You are one of several that made a different in my life.

Presently, I am awaiting the results of my second body bone scan. The doctors think that the prostate cancer that I had several years ago may have spread to my bones. Even so I have no fear for I have survived over 44 years, as I said, with the help from you and from others.  As we all know some of my MARINE buddies did not make it home alive or they were in worse shape than I was when they got back to the U.S.of A. Perhaps they received more Agent Orange than I, or maybe they were in WIA in VietNam.

Again, Janice and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for caring and for doing your best to help keep me alive. She & I would like to personally “Thank You” @ our happy event if you can attend. . .Each day I strive to bless others as you have helped me during a very stressful time of my life. I was a MARINE, (down deep), who wanted to die instead of getting help and becoming a happier man. With your help. . .that has changed. Your service and your blessings does make a difference.  Along with others, I am alive today because you cared for me & us Vets.

Love and Blessings to each one of YOU!!!

“Charlie Brown”–Chuck

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