bio-derek-kolbDEREK KOLB

My name is Sgt. Derek B. Kolb and I started working with Pastor David Maulsby in early 2010.

During my time working with Pastor Maulsby and others at the foundation I found something that for so long I had missed, Hope. The events of the past few weeks have brought about serious challenges to his mission and I wanted an opportunity to tell my story and workings within the Foundation.

When they received me as a client I was suicidal, depressed, taking large amounts of prescription medication, and constantly wondering if I would see tomorrow. With Pastor Maulsby and the Foundation’s guidance, unwavering support, and dedication I have overcome so much that I now hold them in the highest of esteem. There were times when they would stop by my residence just to make sure that I had everything I needed and food to eat. They would pray with me and guide me to specialists and groups that would subvert the devastating effects of PTSD on the soul and Psyche. There was always someone available at 2 or 3 AM to talk with or even to come to my residence and sit with me while I worked through my problems. Their training and wisdom with regards to PTSD is top notch and the level of professionalism always at the precipice of their minds. The Foundation walked not in front of or behind me but beside me as I dealt with life’s dilemmas. They worked with my family to educate, advise, and be a sounding board for not only my success but for the success of my family to once again return to the New Normal.

The Foundation like any organization has had some recent issues, but never did they waiver from continuous support of the Veterans they so readily represent. I continue to utilize their services and with absolutely no hesitation because of several reasons. At the heart of the organization, works people who rely on God and each other for support, and I can firmly attest to the fact that had it not been for the PTSD Foundation of America and their dedication I would surely be dead.

Will you join Derek and help these brave men and women? Together with your generous support, we can provide hope and a home for those who have sacrificed so much while wearing the uniform of our great nation. Help us help them. Donate today!