I came back from Afghanistan a different person. I was anxious, angry, or depressed all the time. I became violent at times and would do random things in the middle of the night that I wouldn’t remember the next day. I eventually became an empty, detached, and at times emotionless person. Completing normal daily routines was a constant struggle. I pushed my family so far away until they staged an intervention for me to get help. Even then, I refused to get real help.

It wasn’t until I read testimony from a previous resident at Camp Hope that I decided to face my issues. The testimony was how the first thing his daughter said to him was that he was her brand new daddy. That struck my soul and all I could think about was my own daughter and the daddy time that was robbed from her due to my inability to cope with life after the military. I couldn’t even take care of myself so how was I supposed to take care of her?

Coming to Camp Hope was the best decision of my life. It gave me a brotherhood of men that understood my problems and the opportunity to overcome my wounds. I didn’t feel so alone and lost anymore. I said things to these men that I thought made me a monster expecting them to judge me but they didn’t even blink. I received love from them that I didn’t feel I deserved but they understood why I felt the way I did. Understanding my combat trauma helped me separate from the false guilt I had carried for so long and I am learning how to live a happy and sober life again. The best thing I will take from here is an unwavering faith in God and a sense of purpose, peace and understanding.

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