I grew up in a small town in north Louisiana. It was a town where Friday night football was just as important as church on Sunday. I joined the army after high school. It was September 5, 2001. Six days later the world I knew changed drastically. I spent the next eight years as an infantry soldier.

I didn’t realize that I was a different person when I returned home from Iraq. I remained in the army for another 3 years after my initial deployment. After my second deployment, I decided it was time for me to hang my uniform in the closet for good. I was very excited when I left the army. I had plans to attend college and to make something out of myself. It wasn’t long after I rejoined the world that my initial excitement of leaving the army wore off. I had a hard time relating to people. Their problems seemed so petty to me. I slowly became angry with and withdrawn from the world I so wanted to belong to. I went back and forth between two extremes. I was fighting mad or happy go lucky. I couldn’t find where I belonged. People often asked me if I thought I had PTSD. I honestly didn’t think I had PTSD. I wasn’t hyper vigilant. I wasn’t having nightmares. I wasn’t coping with drugs and alcohol. I was good or so I thought. My life slowly passed me by. It wasn’t long before I was beyond broke and about to be homeless.

My brother-in-law heard about Camp Hope from a friend of his in Houston. He called me one night and told me that he was concerned about me and told me I should give Camp Hope a call. I went on their website and read the testimonies of other veterans and took the PTSD assessment. Later that night my father-in-law drove me to Houston and dropped me off at Camp Hope. Camp Hope is an amazing place. They have given me the tools and hope that I needed to change my life. Camp Hope has a fantastic staff. A staff that is willing to do whatever it takes to help combat veterans get their lives back on track in a positive way.

Will you join Judd and help these brave men and women? Together with your generous support, we can provide hope and a home for those who have sacrificed so much while wearing the uniform of our great nation. Help us help them. Donate today!