I would like to share how the PTSD Foundation has helped and affected my family.

I initially heard about the Foundation through my daughter-in-law, who was given information about it
from someone in the Marine Moms. She had contacted someone with the Foundation who told her
about the organization and how it helped combat veterans with PTSD. She was very encouraged by this
information and asked that her husband, my son, be contacted. He was and had a meeting with a
member of the Foundation. He too was greatly encouraged by learning about how he could receive help
for his PTSD. However, he never followed up because he was not ready to get help for his PTSD and the
alcohol abuse that resulted from it. He was still in denial at this point. Therefore, for many months
there was no contact with the Foundation.

However, in late July my son was laid off from his job. His alcohol usage worsened and his behavior
became more and more unacceptable. He talked about going into the VA for help with his problems but
always backed out at the last minute. He still was not ready to deal with his demons. His behavior
continued to deteriorate with his wife, his brother, and us, his parents trying to help him in various
ways, which absolutely did no good. In fact, it all seemed to worsen.

At this point, my daughter-in-law again contacted the PTSD foundation to see if any help or support
were available. She was told at this time about the Mighty Oaks Foundation program, which sounded
like what my son needed. My son was contacted and agreed that he wanted and needed to go to this

Yet, the date for him to leave for Colorado was 2 months away. For this period, we had many problems
and issues that had to be dealt with. My son was put out of his home because he was so verbally
abusive to his wife and did not need to be around his children. He lived in his car for several weeks until
he wrecked his car and the motor burnt up. He them lived with us for several weeks terrorizing us with
his irritability and verbal abuse. We finally had to put him in an extended stay motel until he could leave
for Colorado.

During all of this time, many crises arose in which we were all helpless and overwhelmed. However, the
PTSD Foundation was there for us to talk with regardless of the time of day or night we called, emailed
or texted. He gave advice, encouragement and support to us in a time when we could not deal with the
circumstances. He offered to talk with my son, but my son would not answer his phone or have any
contact with anyone outside of the family. However, we could not have made it during this period
without this help. As a family, we were beyond thinking or acting rationally after such a long period of
chaos. This friend got us through this difficult period.

He also suggested that my daughter-in-law and I get help ourselves and gave us information about the
PTSD Family Support group. She and I have been attending periodically. We were welcomed warmly
and supported with prayers and encouragement from the beginning. The group has been a source of
strength for us as we continue to struggle with issues with our loved one.

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