Nate Mclendon




My name is Nathaniel Mclendon, I am a retired Army sergeant and I have served on two deployments. My first deployment was 15 months and I was stationed in Baqubah, Iraq. My second deployment was for 12 months and I was stationed in Mosul, Iraq.

My job in the military was crucial to my sister units, and companies. I was a combat engineer, I would go outside the wire every day to look for IED’s and clear the paths so that other companies could go through safely.

During my deployments I suffered through a lot of blast explosions and traumatic events that later caused myself to be diagnosed with severe PTSD along with a lot of other issues. I have had a hard time adapting to society since my discharge from the military; it’s hard for me to function.

I lost a lot of hope and have been lost for quite some time now. It was not until I found Camp Hope that I realized there is still some good in this country, that this beloved country that I served and protected at one time would lend out a helping hand to me this time and say “you helped us, now let us help you.” Since my time at Camp hope, I have managed to stand on my own and attempt to function in society without losing hope again.

I still have my issues and they won’t be going away anytime soon, but at least I have God…and God grants me the wisdom and courage to continue fighting this battle and never want to give up.

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