05/04/2014 Warrior’s Shield Radio Podcast

This week we discuss Comcast Cares Day at Camp Hope and the importance of community involvement in helping our veterans transition back to civilian life. faxless instant loan payday

04/27/2014 Warrior’s Shield Radio Podcast

Listen as we discuss VA administrators falsifying reports so they can receive bonuses while veterans are dying, waiting for up to a year for a doctors appointment. The Commander in Chief is apparently too busy bowing to a Japanese jumping robot to get involved? Veterans and their families are angry! Transfer Your Balance Especially

04/13/2014 Warrior’s Shield Radio Podcast

In this week’s Warrior’s Shield Radio we take on the topic of the role of faith in our healing. Also, the Commander-in-Chief added to the stigma of mental health while saying we can’t stigmatize those courageous enough to seek help. Our thoughts are offered. instant cash advance payday loans online

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