The Mission of Warrior’s Shield Radio is to reach out to our Military and Veteran community and their families from a faith based perspective with real, practical help. We understand that when a person serves in the military, their family serves along with them. We will discuss how families can cope with military service; reintegrating men and women into civilian life, how to find a job, PTSD, other military issues and in all of these things the importance of growing closer to God. Warrior Shield Radio is hosted by David Maulsby and Samuel Askins Sunday nights from 5:06 pm to 6 pm on 100.7 FM The Word KKHT and kkht.com. You can also like, follow and send us question us on Facebook.
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04/27/2014 Warrior’s Shield Radio Podcast

Listen as we discuss VA administrators falsifying reports so they can receive bonuses while veterans are dying, waiting for up to a year for a doctors appointment. The Commander in Chief is apparently too busy bowing to a Japanese jumping robot to get involved? Veterans and their families are angry!

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04/13/2014 Warrior’s Shield Radio Podcast

In this week’s Warrior’s Shield Radio we take on the topic of the role of faith in our healing. Also, the Commander-in-Chief added to the stigma of mental health while saying we can’t stigmatize those courageous enough to seek help. Our thoughts are offered.