The Mission of Warrior’s Shield Radio is to reach out to our Military and Veteran community and their families from a faith based perspective with real, practical help. We understand that when a person serves in the military, their family serves along with them. We will discuss how families can cope with military service; reintegrating men and women into civilian life, how to find a job, PTSD, other military issues and in all of these things the importance of growing closer to God. Warrior Shield Radio is hosted by David Maulsby and Samuel Askins Sunday nights from 5:06 pm to 6 pm on 100.7 FM The Word KKHT and kkht.com. You can also like, follow and send us question us on Facebook.
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04/13/2014 Warrior’s Shield Radio Podcast

In this week’s Warrior’s Shield Radio we take on the topic of the role of faith in our healing. Also, the Commander-in-Chief added to the stigma of mental health while saying we can’t stigmatize those courageous enough to seek help. Our thoughts are offered.

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03/09/2014 Warrior’s Shield Radio Podcast

Listen as we discuss the effects of projected DoD budget cuts, specifically to health care costs for military, veterans and retirees. Also, hear from some volunteers and why they give of their time to support the troops.

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03/02/2014 Warrior’s Shield Radio Podcast

Listen as we discussed SECDEF Chuck Hagel’s proposed budget cuts for the DoD and how this potentially affects our military readiness, as well as how our veterans will be affected.