Alex grew up in the panhandle of Florida. Upon graduation of high school, Alex joined the US Army as an airborne infantryman. In 2003 Alex deployed to Iraq for OIF 1. He returned with invisible wounds that would haunt him for years.

When Alex returned from Iraq, he met his future wife Venusja in Verona Italy in 2004. His unit had already received orders to deploy to Afghanistan in 2005. After a yearlong deployment in Afghanistan Alex returned to Italy and married Venusja. Venusja noticed that Alex was different but didn’t know what was off or how to help. Over the next ten years he struggled with all the telltale symptoms of PTSD and drug addiction. Venusja heard about Camp Hope from a friend and begged Alex to get help to no avail. In 2018 she moved to Houston to give him a “drop zone” to land in.

He finally made it to Camp Hope in 2019 after some strong encouragement from the Florida Department of Justice, a Judge who took a risk, and of course his loving wife. Upon completion of Camp Hope Alex asked God for guidance to show him a path to a new way of life. Immediately he was offered a position as a driver at Camp Hope, which he humbly accepted, starting him on his new journey. In his time in the Foundation Alex held every role in the Program, working his way to his current position of Director of Camp Hope Program.

“Camp Hope saved my life, it saved my marriage, it gave me my son and daughter. Camp Hope didn’t give me my life back, it gave me a life I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams. I am called to give back what was so freely given to me. The HOPE that any veteran struggling can find HEALING and PURPOSE through FELLOWSHIP and FAITH in the Lord our GOD.”